Bubbles – Makeup applicators

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Forget about all the brushes and find a new way to give yourself the perfect look. For the perfect make-up, a single foundation sponge is now enough for you. With this multifunctional helper, you will easily apply everything you put on your face when applying make-up – from liquid foundation to loose powder.

The makeup applicator is also great for the baking technique, in which you only mattify your skin, prevent the accumulation of foundation or concealer in wrinkles and increase the durability of the products.



  • universal sponge-applicators for liquid and powder products
  • special designed form, for easy makeup application
  • suitable for the makeup backing technique


How to use:

Apply the foundation to the skin of the face in a circular motion with the sponge.

For the baking technique, use the sponge to apply clear powder, especially in the area under the eyes. After a while, remove the excess accumulations.

6 pieces in a package