COYA with a new photo shoot

COYA Cosmetics is a new cosmetic brand created in 2018 with the joint work of some of the best and proven Bulgarian specialists and Monika Lancheva, who is a participant in the Miss Bulgaria 2013 contest.


The lack of a Bulgarian product for hair loss and rapid hair growth in Bulgaria is the motivation for the first product created by us to focus on this problem. Our cosmetic products perform many actions necessary for the beauty of hair. They clean from dirt, have antibacterial action, nourish the roots, strengthen the structure, restore shine, vitality and elasticity, stimulate growth. Of particular importance is the ability to stimulate the follicles.

Mother Nature has given our hair the opportunity to grow 1.5-2 cm per month. These are the rates that the hair lengthens if all the functions in the body take place normally, without shocks. Some external or internal negative effects can change the normal hair growth. Our professional shampoo and serum for growth, thickening and thickening can help the follicles to restore their natural strength.

COYA Hair Shampoo strengthen every single hair from root to tip and stimulate hair growth.cIt cleanses the hair, removing excess sebum and revitalizing the scalp. Enriched with high doses of vitamins A, D-panthenol, E, caffeine, vitamin PP, quinine, vitamin B6, hot pepper extract (capsaicin), argan, sumac extract, calendula extract, tea tree extract and rich in many others active natural ingredients that penetrate the hair follicles themselves, awakening the “sleeping” follicles  and stimulating hair growth.


In this way, COYA hair cosmetics strengthen the hair from the roots to grow not only faster but also thicker and healthier.

What it does:

– Revitalizes the scalp and balances sebum levels.

– Soothes irritated scalp and removes the feeling of discomfort.

– Stimulates growth and strengthens hair from the roots.