Hair loss? We have a solution for men too!

Hair loss is one of the most serious problems that directly affect everyone’s self-esteem and lifestyle. Men are no exception.
Baldness can totally obsess men, affecting every aspect of their life. The man loses his self-confidence, has low self-esteem and is easily vulnerable and sensitive on the subject.
Apart from the periods in which the hair is renewed and the seasonal hair loss, which is characteristic of the change of seasons, especially in spring and summer, hair loss is not a typical phenomenon.
Unfortunately, almost 25% of men start having serious and long-lasting hair loss problems around the age of 30. It is not uncommon for partial or complete hair loss to occur around the age of twenty.

The causes of male hair loss are complicated and can be rooted in everyday life: such as diet, hygiene habits, etc., as well as be symptoms or a consequence of a serious illness and medication. And also, the factors stress and heredity cannot be ignored!

Hair loss can also be caused by an inherited genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone in hair follicles. According to the ISHRS (International Hair Transplant Association), 95% of hair loss in men is caused by androgenic alopecia. It means that the problem with hair loss is inherited. A survey conducted in 2009 showed that 40% of men believe that the male type of hair loss can be transmitted to a child by only one parent. However, this is not true. Studies have shown that baldness can be a genetic burden inherited from both parents.
Characteristic of hair loss in men is the withdrawal of the hairline around the temples. This process is usually preceded by thinning of the hair on the scalp.
Most often, baldness is determined by the Norwood hair loss scale. The scale illustrates the most affected areas of the scalp and the stages of hair loss. Of course, hair loss can occur strictly individually.
Our COYA cosmetic line, aimed at this unpleasant problem, is able to resolve the problem with men’s hair loss.