Ingredients and beneficial action of COYA Cosmetics products

COYA Cosmetics products are enriched with:

Caffeine – extracted from several different types of coffee from Taiwan. It nourishes and stimulates hair follicles, as a result – the hair is healthier and gets more stronger roots and the hair growth is accelerated.

Vitamin A – the vitamin of youth is useful and important for the health and beauty of our hair. Thanks to it, the hair heals from the roots and grows faster. When the body has accumulated reserves of this vitamin, the risk of hair loss is reduced.

Vitamin D-panthenol – nourishes and protects from harmful external influences and enhances hair growth.


Vitamin E – this is an important vitamin for the health and beauty of hair. If your hair is weak, torn and without shine, you probably have a deficiency of vitamin E. It is very important for the transport of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Vitamin PP – stimulates growth, reduces hair loss, protects hair from moisture loss and slows the appearance of white hair.


Hot pepper extract (Capsaicin) – the most powerful stimulant of the hair follicle with stress-relieving effect. Improves microcirculation in the scalp and activates the life cycle of the hair.

Tea tree extract – Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial action, helps with inflammation, fights the problem and has a calming effect.


Marigold extract – soothes, improves and protects dry or sensitive scalp. Gives shine and color to hair. Strengthens and hydrates hair from root to tip.

Argan oil – is absorbed immediately by the hair, penetrates the roots and gives elasticity to damaged and dry hair. Due to the fact that it is absorbed so quickly, it penetrates the cells and roots and restores the natural shine of the hair.


Quinine – One of the most popular properties of quinine for cosmetic purposes is its ability to stimulate hair growth, as it effectively activates blood microcirculation. In addition, quinine extract has antiseptic and anti-dandruff effects, which soothe sensitive scalp and eliminate dandruff.

In addition, it regulates metabolism in the scalp and restores hair, making it alive and shiny. This happens because quinine can reach the hair follicle and thus stimulates its vitality.

Sumac extract – Sumac has astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

– PHYTOCHEM HAIR LOSS SP ® (Vitamin E, D-panthenol, Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Vitamin B7 is used in the fight against alopecia (partial or complete hair loss) in children and adults, Vitamin B6 – is essential for hair and skin nutrition, Saccharomyces lysate, Zinc chloride) – Targeted system of vitamins to ensure penetration of nutrients in the hair and scalp. A powerful complex designed to nourish and strengthen the scalp, fight hair loss and actively promote hair growth.